Rehabilitation Process

The following steps are only an overview of the application process. For step-by-step instructions, please contact us for a copy of our handbook.

Detection and Inspection of the Damaged Area


A thorough inspection of the pipe damage will ensure that the sikotec 3P® Plus Shortliner Process is a suitable repair method. The shortliner is only to be used on a clean and mechanically treated area.

Laminate Fiberglass Mat and Mount on Repair Bladder

Spread the resin mixture on the cut Fiberglass mat with a metal spatula, saturating it. Wrap the resin-saturated Fiberglass laminate around an inflatable repair bladder and secure.

Position Repair Bladder

Using sliding rods, pressurized sliding rods or a lifting jack, position the repair bladder at the damaged area of the sewer pipe.

Rehabilitation of the Damaged Area

The repair bladder is inflated with air so that the saturated Fiberglass laminate is pushed against the inside wall of the sewer line, creating a long‐lasting seal. After the curing period the repair bladder is removed from the sewer line.

Repair Inspection

After completing the rehabilitation, the sewer line must be cleaned and visually inspected. The repaired area must be checked for leak-tightness.