3P® Plus Shortliner Process

sikotec’s easy-to-use 3P® Plus Shortliner Process and comprehensive product range is a fast and cost-effective sewer line spot repair method for the trenchless repair of sewer lines.

  • Coverage range: 0.4 ‐ 1.4 m in length
  • Standard length: 50 cm
  • For pipe diameters: 100 – 700 mm
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Minimum life span: 10 Years
  • DIBt* Approval: Z-42.3-326

Ideal for radial and/or longitudinal cracks caused by water infiltration, pipe shifting, root growth and more. Our proven resin‐saturated fibreglass laminate is suitable for a variety of pipe materials, including:

  • Concrete, reinforced concrete
  • Vitrified clay
  • Fibre cement, Cast iron
  • Glass fibre reinforced plastic

*German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt)